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The Longest Photo in The World

The Longest Photo in The World

Drama | Japanese | 102 minutes


Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. (NagoyaTV)

Cast & Crew


Shogo Kusano


Mahiro Takasugi, Rina Takeda, Honoka Matsumoto



Based on the novel “Sekai de Ichiban Nagai Syashin” by Tetsuya Honda, who is a Japanese writer of mystery and thriller novels and one of Japan's bestselling authors.

This is a story based on a teenager boy’s high school life. Hironobu is a shy boy and he lacks passion in his life. One day, he finds a unique and odd camera in his grandfather's second-hand shop. The fact is that camera can make the longest panorama photo in the world! Then he starts a project of making the longest panorama photo involving his friends. After getting the camera, his colorless life gradually turns into vivid one.

Other unique characters come into this drama and will fill your heart with laughter and tears.

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