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The Mafia, the Salesman

The Mafia, the Salesman

Comedy | Korean | 110 minutes


Mirovision Inc.

Cast & Crew


Seung-bo Shim


Soo-goon Song


Seung-bo Shim


Sung-min Kim, Sang-myeon Park, Sun-jae Lee


The only elite of Youngdongpa (The Organization of Fists), Kye Du-Sik enters a large corporation. At last, Kye Du-Sik graduats from college and has charge of Kangnam. His boss orders the organization structure to be global and in obedience to his order, a "large corporation benchmarking project" is enforced. To make one of organization members enter a large corporation!! Accordingly, all organization members recommend Du-Sik who is a four year university graduate. Du-Sik who is employed by a large corporation takes charge of insurance sales instead of planning office that he expected due to an error of department assignment. Abruptly, he has become FC (Financial Consultant), organization members named Sang-Du and Dae-Ki assist Du-Sik's business and as a result, being unparalleled since.

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