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Escape of the Wild Thing (Director's Cut)

Escape of the Wild Thing (Director's Cut)

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Comedy, Drama, Faith | English | 97 minutes


Eye Candy Inc



Something funny happened to Jimmy Tairao on the way to Seminary. A mysterious yet nagging voice commands him to marry his former maid and baby-sitter, Trini Nopales, to better the relations between himself and his headstrong father, Alfonso Tirao. Since Jimmy is young, idealistic and devoutly religious, he reluctantly agrees to marry the non-virtuous Trini, and, as ordered, tries to make a decent wife out of her. When Trini's old lover and former common law husband, Chucho Trujillo, storms into town, all hell breaks loose. Trini means well and she wants to be a devoted pastor's wife but she is also a victim of her own beauty. Her inner-most desires and passions betray her.

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