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The Peppercorns and the Secret of the Deep Sea

The Peppercorns and the Secret of the Deep Sea

Family | German | 94 minutes


Global Screen

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12-year-old Alice can hardly believe her luck: She is allowed to spend the holidays with her friend Tarun. But their plan to enjoy the summer is quickly turned upside down.
Tarun's mother Jaswinder, an avid marine researcher who has found a way to reduce the level of plastic waste in the oceans, is attacked at the research station by an unknown thief, and highly secret documents are stolen. Then one night, Jaswinder disappears without a trace from the research ship. Alice and Tarun go in search of her and come face to face with the dubious garbage mogul Robert Fleckmann who seems to know more about Jaswinder’s research than she had anticipated.
Alice and Tarun suddenly find themselves embroiled in an adventure that they can only master with the help of their new Peppercorn friends: Jonny, Clarissa and Hanna…

In this sequel to the first film, a new unbeatable Peppercorns team unites to find out who is behind the mother’s kidnapping and is trying to save the ocean and their future.

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