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The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

Black Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Thriller | English, German, Russian | 117 minutes


True Art Films

Cast & Crew


Uwe Schwarzwalder


Uwe Schwarzwalder, Zarina Tadjibaeva, Brian Pinkus


Uwe Schwarzwalder


Uwe Schwarzwalder, Yessica Sanchez, Zarina Tadjibaeva, Jörg Reichlin, Julian Booth



A businessman from Switzerland, Jeff Boyd, dreams of living in Australia where his friend Morton, a crazy bakery shop owner, has already settled down. Morton tries to persuade him to join soon and help in the shop. Frank, who lets Jeff stay at his place while he’s abroad, advises investing money with a commodity trading firm he knows. When Jeff signs the investment contract, he’s full of hope to leave the country with a pocket full of cash. After a phone call with his trader and a heavy argument with his boss at work, Jeff’s world collapses. That’s when he meets Wendy who’s also in a delicate state after losing her job. As they discover being soul-mates, their worries about the world and what it develops into comes more and more to light. They want to make a change and develop a dangerous plan.

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