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The Tolstoy Defense

The Tolstoy Defense

Drama | Russian | 112 minutes


Odin Media

Cast & Crew


Avdotya Smirnova


Pavel Basinsky, Anna Parmas, Avdotya Smirnova



Based on true events.

The film is a heartbreaking and tragic real story, count Leo Tolstoy becomes part of. A crime occurs in an infantry regiment in Tula region, where lieutenant Gregory Kolokoltsev sets off to services from the capital. He is full of progressive ideas. An innocent soldier accused of a crime is in danger of military tribunal and execution. Kolokoltsev turns to count Leo Tolstoy for help who takes the decision to defend the innocent soldier.

«The Tolstoy Defense» is a film about the choice each of the characters has to make. How easy it is sometimes to cross the line between good and evil, and how this line inevitably turns out to be the border between freedom and non-freedom, between life and death. This film is about how unalterable some minor deeds can be. And, of course, about collapsing of a human life into the legal chasm which mirrors the moral condition of the society.

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