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The Witch in the Window

The Witch in the Window

Suspense | English | 77 minutes


Film Seekers

Cast & Crew


Andy Mitton


Alex Draper, Arija Bareikis, Greg Naughton


Separated father Simon and his estranged twelve year-old son, Finn, head to Vermont to repair an old farmhouse - and hopefully their relationship, too.

But shortly after arriving, they learn of the previous owner, an infamously cruel woman named Lydia, who died inside the house while staring out the window. But she still haunts the locals, who feel she never really left. Simon is undeterred, however, and determined to make a good house for his family. And Simon and Finn make repairs, they’re also making Lydia’s spirit stronger…until a terrifying encounter leaves Simon doubting whether he can protect his son from the evil that’s making its way into their heads, and hearts.

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