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Third Date

Third Date

Comedy, Romantic Comedy | English | 90 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

Cast & Crew


Toni D'Antonio, Lou Martini, Jr., Rob Sciglimpaglia, Brian Sweet, Warren Nimchuk


Joseph Pepitone


Still single, still dating and still having terrible third dates, Lyssa keeps finding that every "Mr. Right" makes the wrong move on date number three. She can't seem to find a normal guy, except for Jimmy, her best friend from childhood, who guides her through her dating minefield while keeping his true feelings for her a secret. Jimmy also takes inspiration from Lyssa’s life for the novel he is working on. After another conversation about her dating habits, Lyssa and Jimmy get into an argument. But after they both have especially bad dates- Lyssa with a married guy, Jimmy with a hardcore feminist - Lyssa finally realizes that her best friend may be the best man for her. After they share an intimate night together, Jimmy is on cloud nine. He is finally with the girl of his dreams. But when he surprises Lyssa at a party he gets a surprise of his own when he sees her kissing the wannabe rock star. Crushed, Jimmy leaves and cuts all communication off with Lyssa. Lyssa is devastated after losing her best friend. Another Third Date ruined... or is it?

This twist on a classic romantic comedy will resonate with everyone who has ever had a terrible...THIRD DATE. In the likes of My Best Friend’s Wedding, Friends With Benefits, No Strings Attached and Something Borrowed, Third Date will have you wondering, how many dates does it take to find the right one because sometimes, the third time is NOT a charm.

Material Available:

Script (WGA 1423820), Pitch Deck, One Sheet, Poster, Investment Outline, Budget

Current Status:

* Partial Financing

** Director and Talent LOI (Richard Grieco-Director/Actor)

** Under Contract - Sales Agent/Executive Producing Team-Brian Sweet and Warren Nimchuk with APL Films (Canada)

*** Co-Production-Matching Funds Opportunities / Pre-Sales Needed

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