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Trappist 1f human renaissance

Trappist 1f human renaissance

Action/Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction | English | 120 minutes


1GJV Media

Cast & Crew


Marco Taloni


Proposed actors:

Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Mel Gibson, Rila Fukushima, Denzel Washington, Bruce Greenwood, Eric Balfour, Forest Whitaker, Pauley Perrette.

Year 2237 Earth.
The scientists they have completed a project of an interstellar spaceship, which would be able to host 100 people, and fully sustainable for surviving for many years in the space. Aboard there is right pressure, water, oxygen, also reproducible. Everything is earth-like, the ship has all functionalities to travel with all conditions of eventual interstellar material might hit the ship.
It has been calculated the time contraction and to travel at a constant acceleration till near-light-speed.
The propulsion is nuclear fission. The ship is “anchored” in a space station, and still in a phase of being tested for many aspects. The ship is designed to make the population get hibernated and gain years of traveling to awaken nearby the destination, which is Proxima Centauri b, the program called Proxima.
That’s supposed to be everything just experimental for the time being before to set green light for the real mission which is set 5 years later.
But unfortunately, in the meantime on the planet earth things have been deteriorating, there have been already 2 nuclear wars, and many parts of the planet became uninhabitable. Massive evacuations have been pursued at those time, and about the 45 billion of people it remained 32, the nuclear wars have decimated 13 billion of souls. Others were evacuated, others escaped, others died by terrible consequences by the radiations.
There is an incredible density of humans in many territories on the earth, and the authorities start to have quite tough time to maintain order, and brutal force often is used to maintain the order, but actually causing an increment of unrest.
Climate change is uncontrollable, hurricanes and weather unbalance in unmanageable. Governments are erratically adopting measures, but inefficiency became overwhelming.
Rebels, underworld groups are multiplying, killings become normal facts of everyday, nobody care anymore if somebody is dead in the street, soon the public ‘wiper’ unit will remove it. It seems quite normal routine, of an advanced socialized city, but with these “wrinkles”, which are worsening the meaning of balance. Everybody is trying to save his own life, which seems became much less valuable.
Even fresh water, is difficult to find. The beach shores often are clothed by dead fish of any size, and scavenger birds are the dominants in the area, sometimes fighting with dogs, or even with hungry humans.
The cities, are made by high rising buildings, some they have a “spacey” concept of look. Very rich people still dominating and defending their own, stepping over to all.
There are 3 class of people: richest, average who are the almost starving working class, and fighting to survive the minimal, and the scavenger, that often join rebels.
People, still are dying of radiation effect, and they became part of this last class.
One of the protagonist, is a “retired” astronaut, who is living as middle class, in the middle of this environment, he seems pretty confident, and seems greatly adapted to the dooming world. He drinks, and it doesn’t care of anything but just to get the day done for whatever need, as most of the people do at this time.
A woman, she is astronaut and engineer, working with the scientists in the Proxima project, and they discuss facts related at the experiment. But it seems that the things are not going very well in the government and in the world as well, they discuss that small sacks of nuclear clashes can happen. Rebels have possession of nuclear weapons.
The world has 3 confederations, Central, East, West, with 3 different governments, and all of them still have issues with the others.
The woman named Alycia is a friend of the retired astronaut, and decides to call the man, whose name is Zachary told Zac, and while he is watching news in his tridimensional TV and listening the terrifying happening while drinking he doesn’t answer the call, appearing in his TV side as tridimensional as well. The face of Alycia appears, and the and he’s hesitating, looking at her in contrast with the terrible facts in the news. She speaks to the voice mail, and he listens, while she asks about him, and how is hanging on, and she is sweet, seems concerned about Zac, and he, instead, looks at her, with a dose of disappointing attitude and of whom is not quite detached, but the contrary.
After her talk, she says that likes to hear that everything is okay and to call back. Then the connection closes.
In the TV the things get really terrifying, and Zac, looks at it, and gets angry, and takes his small coffee table and just lifts it up by one hand letting all on top flip over the floor.
He is perturbed in his mind.
Images about Alycia comes cross over, when she says that she is going to leave because met somebody else.
And Zac is minding about it with a clear resentment in his eyes.
Alycia, is in the lab, and still working with the scientists. They discuss about the propulsion and how supposed to be handled the engine and the fuel, and also the transfer of people.
Scientists seem are serious talking, like they want to do soon. But Alycia that is the chief supervisor of the project, seems surprised about their talking. But they insist that might be needed to use it, there is a discussion, saying that we need years before to put in action. But the scientists say yes, it’s true, but better to think and do it as soon will happen.
Alycia, agreed with an afterthought.
Zac is out in the streets. Which are very busy, with many and many people around. Still lower people, like beggars are around, and there are people shoot at each other, and nobody really care, police come with cars. The environment is modern (similar how prototypes are already existing right now), see cars, there is the road for public transit that actually is magnetic and the vehicle travel in a magnetic field, suspended in the air, surpassing is allowed by going a line up.
All vehicles have auto-driving, but also by manual. Every vehicle is controlled by computers aboard.
A street is divided in 3 lanes: 1 magnetic in the middle, 1 regular by asphalt, 1 preferred lane that is also magnetic, used by upper class.
It’s not common that bad citizen drive erratically, manually, sometimes disengaging the computer aboard.
Accident happens. Ambulance comes by the magnetic reserved lane at ground level.
Sometimes people has money of higher class, are attacked by harassing from medium class, for hate or to obtain some advantage.
Suddenly an attack, from rebels. They use lasers, and old fashion machine guns, powered by tremendous number of rounds. They took over a plaza and try to make an unauthorized public speech. Immediately a 3D projection is enhanced in the spot. They talk about the government should be toppled down, since is unable to manage the country. They claim there is no help for low class and neither for the middle class. The only benefits are for the higher class, that controls all the people, and allow them only to survive, and be used when needed.
Robots Androids are around, some are very advanced and looks humans, some they are old fashion, ad even between them there are arguments, and they destroy each other.
Rebels have androids as well.
The army-police intervene, and always there is a clash, and people get hurt. General public runs away, even though it seems they are used to this kind of situation.
Zachary walks in the street, in the middle of this environment, trying to get into an English pub-bar old fashion, some bumps are met, such as androids, beggars, and a guy points a taser gun to someone wants to get the taxi, but he wants to get in first. But the taxi gets anxious and drive away. Then the guy gets upset and tasers the first one. Zachary passes nearby, and pushed by another person was walking too, almost hit the taser guy, and feeling attacked the taser guy tries to taser Zachary who instead pulls out a 45-silver colt pointing to him, and saying just get lost, pal. The guy gets scared and runs away. The tasered individual still shocked gets helped by Zachary, who calls another magnetic taxi and allow the tasered guy to take it. Then the guy looks at him surprised, and says thanks you by miming it by lips from the car window.
Zachary smiles. And with his confident attitude and slightly arrogant, moves forward getting in the English pub.
There are big tv 3d screens, but the rest is the same. An android comes over to offer a drink. Bring a real beer please. The android asks if wants extra chips or whatever, nope only beer, REAL one asks, how you pay sir? Yeah okay, a microchip implanted in the arm is scanned, you have to pay in advance.
In the TV there are news again, it seems the government of the 3 blocks are not getting along, one of them are threating the other one to start a new nuclear war. The beer arrives, and Zachary is worry, it seems a serious issue. The governor issued an ultimatum, and they are angrily talking each other.
While watching the news, his phone rings, from his wrist clicks on and comes a 3d visual of Alycia.
You didn’t return my call she says.
Zachary says sorry, he was busy, they have a conversation, about how they are going. He says as a retired man. He looks frustrated. She asks if he wants to talk about it, there is no need, he’s fine, showing pride. And asks about her how she was handling the job. She says she feels something is going on, and everything is becoming more uncertain.
The news still going on, and while looking at it, he confirms that we are going to get another major catastrophe, he thinks that will leave and going some isolated place. She says to do what? She wants to meet Zachary and talk in person. Zachary seems not so convinced to do so, there is no reason. She insists that there is reason, and that as he said things are getting very bad, and he needs to talk to him. Why? Because he is the only person can trust, and he is an astronaut top class, he knows things better than her. It’s important.
At the end decide yes. Where? At his place. Okay.
His place, it’s a mess, lot of electronic devices, spaceships models, and also what seems a play-station 3D where there is a spaceship cockpit and is traveling.
Alycia, in front of the door outside, click the electronic bell, but nobody, answer, more than one time. Zac is in the shower cannot hear.
Then she decides to pull up a key-pad, and then finally opens the door. She enters, and looks around the massacre of such messy environment. And she goes around, and grabs a woman brief, with 2 fingers, and looks at it is lifting it up, with a scolding face, and shacks his head. In the same time, Zac comes along, naked drying his hair with a towel, then still with the brief in her hands, she clears her throat 2 times before Zac realizes that Alycia is in there.
Then finally he sees her, gets surprised. She handles the brief, and he says that, a cousin came to visit, and she was messy. How she gets in. Alycia points with the eyes to sign that Zac is naked, then he doesn’t understand at the this first, she insists, and finally Zac looks down, “oh yeah that one” then he smiles at her, and with nonchalance covers himself with the towel.
She tosses the brief. Again, how Alycia got in? She replies, that I smashed the door. What? And he goes holding the towel to check. Looks funny walking with that towel, holding it.
She has the keypad since ever, he never took back. Oh, I see. It’s okay, I forgot.
Zac asks to be comfortable, while she puts something on.
She removes all the junk from what appears to be a couch.
Suddenly the TV 3d gets on. While Zac talks to her, asking if was difficult to reach the place since rebels came again.
In TV the same news, very bad seems the governors are getting mad. Threatening.
They talked also that long time we don’t hang around together, since she left him. The conversation starts to become an argument, about why they split that time. Something is controversial about their feelings, and it shows while the conversation goes on.
But then the news seems become more serious, with a breaking news announcement. Zac, stops Alycia to talk for the intention to listen the news with more attention. The East Coalition, that is all East countries from China to Russia, has declared hostility with a red alert to the Central Block, and the West Block would intervene if such hostility declaration is not removed. It means that another massive Nuclear War would be happening.
This brings to an increase of unrest in all blocks, rebels become more aggressive ready to overthrown the actual governor in West. In the news seems that people becomes uncontrollable, and a chain of accidents starts to happen.
Zac, looks at Alycia, and Alycia nods, for confirming that was the reality she wanted to speak with Zac at the first place.
Zac becomes nervous, and he starts to ask why and what he can do, since is out of everything, and there is nothing can be done but hide somewhere.
Alycia, says that I think the scientists were fearing that and that’s why the have been doing something in hurry to activate the Proxima Centaury program. What for? The research brought results and there is an extreme controversial probability that Proxima would be good, and then what?
They want to talk with another friend of them that is similar to Zac, astronaut, (Denzel Washington), Zac doesn’t want since they have grudges together before, but Alycia calls him.
He appears in 3D video, they talk about the situation, and the time is coming, and they have to do something. The government is not taking appropriate measure, and they even seize all what ever in the lab because they will need for something else.
Let’s meet and talk. Zac is there, yeah, and they have already an exchange of words.
They meet, and there is: Zachary (Mel Gibs), Danny (Denzel Wash), Captain Gary (Bruce Greenw), Ike-Isaac (Eric Balf), August (Whitaker), Alycia (jess Biel), Tamara (Halle Ber), Kazuko (Fukushima), Eve- Eveline (Perrette).
They meet in an airplane hangar, where there is a spaceship in maintenance.
They are standing, and they look at each other, Zac and Danny know each other, and they have arguments before, Ike and Kazuko they know each other as well, Tamara knows Eve.
Danny, confidently, starts to speak. “Okay, guys, nice to meet you, I am not sure why all of us is here, but, I assume you have something to do with this animal”, pointing the spaceship. Everybody looks at each other, and they seem completely out of the assumption of Danny. In that instant comes on in Alycia, together with another man.
She introduces the man called Captain Gary, to all.
Tamara interrupts, asking about the spaceship nearby if has something to do why they are in there.
Alycia, explains that yes and not, because we are here to discuss together a major proposition in order to solve the problem of the imminent nuclear strike, this time the things might become even much worst, and the disruption of our planet seems inevitable. The discussion, goes ahead and they talk about so what they can do, there is nothing to do, to join who? Rebels? That mass of madmen? The government? They cannot do a thing, there is no way they have power to stop what’s happening. Everything is overwhelmed, and nobody listens nobody follows, things are becoming impossible more and more. We know that.
We have to leave and accomplish the mission in different way. How with this space-ship? Alycia said yes and not because we need more. To do what? To bring people to the station Proxima 1. Everybody gets astonished, they tell that it’s just an idea, what people to go where? How? And Proxima is a mission already failed before to start because we know that Proxima there is nothing in there possibly, what are you thinking?
Gary the captain speaks. Says that I understand your thoughts, but we know all that there is no choice, and we are here because we have to work together to bring the solution, we cannot save the world, but we can rebuild a new one. Alycia explained me clearly the project of Proxima, and everything, and we can do something. To go where Proxima? It’s a suicidal mission, we go to have a self-funeral of humanity instead to start a new one.
Alycia tells that Proxima is ready, needed only tests, but there is no choice to use it right now before the government will take over and bye bye seriously.
Proxima is no sense. Everybody comments, and murmur.
Alycia says yes, she knows. Captain Gary speaks out: Trappist 1 f! Everybody gets astonished, the murmuring becomes stronger.
Danny speaks out as well, I think Captain, and you Alycia, you are out of mind, Trappist 1 is 40 years light! How we can expect to reach that and how we expect to find possibility of land.
August interrupts. Mr. Danny, we have concrete proves that there is water in Trappist 1f, and all gathered information tells us that the probabilities are 50% of success that our theories comply with reality, contrary at 10% of Proxima.
Ike asks, all right, but still 40 years of light, and how about Proxima 1, how long will take to be equipped for our interstellar trip. Plus, how many people we are able to bring? Eve says 100! Zac just listens with attention, and with a very doubtful expression. Tamara, Proxima 1 at the space station is ready, because was going to, for the last test of survival set up, only the core of the engines and the, Captain Gary says, the fuel! Yes. That’s why Alycia and I, we called you, because we think that you are the only one can provide the necessary to do it immediately.
Let’s do the presentations first, after we can decide if you want to get an annihilation of all of us right now, by an immediate pulverization, or if lucky get, at a slow motion to get into the deprivation of the minimal resources of life, and step by step find yourselves alone, in this world to fight for a cup of water, in the middle of nothing. Or…. choose to save our humanity, and have the chance has since you started to do your job.
Alycia: nuclear engineer and pilot-astronaut, Zac: spaceship pilot first class-astronaut; while Danny smiles and they look at each other. Danny: spaceship pilot first class-astronaut; Zac shoots a glance to Danny as exchange; Tamara: pilot-astronaut and engineering technical expert of survival system. Ike: engineering communication system, and security unit. Eve: security unit and specialist in social controls. Ike and Eve look at each other. August: biologist and Astro-physic; Kazuko: equipment technician and security unit pilot-astronaut.
Gary presents himself, he says who doesn’t know me I was in command of missions in our outer system of course I am pilot and engineer. And I will be the commander of this mission named Trappist 1.
Ike, says I am in. Follows Eve, Tamara, August, Kazuko. Danny and Zac, hesitate; they look at each other. Danny smiles, and says that Zac is retired, cannot be part of it, sarcastically, Zac reacts and says that it was his fault, and they have an argument.
Alycia, comes in the middle, and says, I am in, and we need both of you! Are you in or out. We can find somebody else but we need you more. Zac and Danny look at each other, and everybody is looking at them; Zac step forward and says yes.
Danny smiles, and says okay!
Captain Gary says all right, let’s do this.
Alycia goes to Zac, and looks at him, and she says that is very good what he decided. Zac looks at her, and with confidence says sure of course.
Alycia is in the lab with the scientists, and goes to a room like an office. In there are Eve and Ike. She says that Eve can start to recruit people selected already in the program of Proxima, and get 100 suitable people, including hibernation, women, men and children, among the one who was already selected. And organize the preparation. Ike will help her. Sure.
Alycia goes in another room, and there is Zac. They talk. They have discussion about the past, and about Danny. And there is no choice but have to sign a truce.
Alycia calls the wrist phone, and asks Danny to come over. He was in another room. They have been divided as two school kids, unbelievable, but that what it is if we don’t find a balance. This mission, is the only source to save ourselves and the world, and probably to start a new world, a world that we believe, would be just and fair, and balanced. We have to start from our own guys. Zac says: “probably?” Yes, because we don’t know for sure, 50% remember? Please, remember that. We are going 40 years light distance from here, we need to be compact, and handle ourselves and 100 people and our ship that will become our only way to be alive.
Hesitantly, Danny and Zac shake their hands.
Danny, Zac, Tamara and Kazuko, are loading the big spaceship, of material.
Which is equipment, pieces of engines, and fuel, for the nuclear engines. That are in a big container isolated.
They discuss that.
Tamara and Ike are talking each other too, and they are already boarding people inside a huge space craft.
They are instructing them.
Suddenly barge in, a military group with somebody seems a commander with other in civil suits.
They ask what was going on, suddenly Ike SMS by telling through the device in his wrist. Alycia get to read the message, she was talking with scientists and Captain Gary about details related at the mission. Immediately they go to the hangar, while the military group was asking what was going on with these people loading the spaceship.
Alycia, shows documents related at the fact that was working in the mission of Proxima, and that it was needing to do some test as planned.
The military group seems drinking the fact, but they mention also that a war is imminent, and they must stop such mission, all personnel will be required, and no other factor will be contemplated. Well she has orders, and everything was planned in advance. They must know so. So, the military says that they have to put on hold until they will know what’s going on and what should do.
They live 3 armed guards to control the situation in the hangar and says that will send more personnel to be sure that nothing will be touched until further notice.
Gary and Alycia look at each other. She sends an immediate message to Zac. Says that the military is taking control of the base. They have to live now with the material. But they have to finish the material, to load.
5 military individuals get in. And asks to immediately step aside. Zac, Danny. Tamara and Kazuko are in the middle of the job. They comply, Kazuko gets distanced, and one of the military asks where is she going, she doesn’t stop and follows her. Danny, goes in the middle, and try to impede the military to follow Kazuko. But the guy gets mad, and push him away. Kazuko, appears just behind the other 4, while Tamara and Zac just smile to them. Suddenly Zac does a request to distract the four, and Kazuko from behind attack the 2 guys with martial arts, and in the meantime Tamara and Zac getting the chance of further distraction f the other two, they neutralize them s well, and Danny simply takes out the one was following Kazuko.
Tamara, asks if they are dead. Zac, asks your is he She says Noow! So, also the others are not.
Let’s go right now. The last load. They put the last load in the ship.
While they are doing it, Zac and Danny get to the cockpit, and ignite the engine on, in the same time, 10 soldiers come on in. But Zac, rapidly burst the engine off, and the soldiers get pushed away by the thrust.
They get out from the hangar, putting the main entrance down. The shuttle spaceship is in the runway, they push to take off. The military is coming more, and they go to get the aircrafts to intercept the spaceship-shuttle. Looks like a chase, the Spaceship-shuttle is already in the run away while some of the military aircraft are running by vertical take off. But the spaceship-shuttle has a very powerful atomic engine, and after a struggling attempt to get into run, increases rapidly the speed to take off as a classic airplane. The military aircrafts are after the spaceship, like mosquitos. They communicate with the spaceship, Alycia, Zac, and Danny are at the front command controls, they ask to turn around and land.
Danny and Zac, they look at each other, and Danny says, yes okay, Space 1 to aircraft, we will turn around, Alycia says what e you doing? Zac puts an hand on her arm, like to say don’t worry.
Space 1 is turning around. The Spaceship starts to turn by ascendant manoeuvre. The Aircraft asks to go down, Yes Aircraft, we cannot just go down we must turn around, but we have to do it ascending, otherwise will fail. Aircraft to Space 1, okay, we are behind you. So, Danny blinks an eye to Zac, and Zac nods.
They start to ascend and slowly turning, it’s going higher altitude. “Space 1 at 50,000 feet, in 10 seconds we would start to descend” – 60,000 feet, 9, 8, 7, 65,000 feet, 8, 70,000 feet 9, 10, descending initiated!” The aircrafts are quite behind, the altitude becomes high fort them. Aircraft, okay, do it now!” The Spaceship, is started to levels, the aircraft are underneath and follow. Danny says, “we come down now aircraft!” - Zac looks Alycia smiling, Alycia looks wondering, Zac says: “fasten your seat belt!” – Danny says alrright! Suddenly Danny puts the maximum level the thrust, and clicking a series of button around. A kick off is felt, a tremendous acceleration is occurring, and they are already out of atmosphere, the “mosquitos” are quite behind, and are forced to retreat.
The Spaceship, is accelerating, by Atomic Engines, and is able to get out from gravity. It’s like a gigantic airplane, but with 6 Atomic Engines, he managed to fly at very high altitude, able to speed at mac 3 by Nuclear Engines they do not need oxygen. As the aircraft, that they need it instead.
After, a great thrust, the ship gets out of gravity and in orbit.
Alycia, congratulates to Zac and Danny. The commander Gary, speaks and appears a 3D holo-image, yeah guys, great what you did, now let’s aim ISS 5, where there is our baby.
Zac and Alycia, look at each other, and Danny notices, and then Zac and Danny look at each other, and they nod.
They have to hurry up, they can control ISS 5 from the base.
The ship is stabilized, and Alycia, goes inside the other department of the ship. There is room, where there is the captain Gary at a central control with videos, and the others, are behind him in chairs, fastened, there is Tamara (Halle Berry), August (Whitaker), Eve- Eveline (Pauley Perrette).
Alycia talks with Gary, and they talk about to get in the Proxima 1 spaceship, and she asks, to Eve to go in the compartment of the guests.
Augustus (Forest Whitaker) seems serious and nervous and looking around.
Eve, looks at him as well, and she says yes will go.
There is a huge room where there are Ike-Isaac (Eric Balfour), and Kazuko (Rila Fukushima) They are sitting in front of them, and there are 100 people men, women, and children, even babies. There is like a concert of crying.
Eve asks how is going. Kazuko and Ike look at each other, they say “nothing, seems good, we have a day care on going, pretty crowded”, Eve smiles, and says “why? Don’t you like babies”? – Ike” are you kidding me? Kazuko: why not? I love babies”, we have to rebuild the world, right? Kazuko looks at Ike, with special eyes? – Ike: What? He seems surprise. He looks at her with a wondering look.
Eve, replies: “yeah guys, great, do you need milks bottles?” – Kazuko, yes soon!! Smiling. Ike – “Go way”.
Back in the middle compartment, Alycia, talks with Augustus, if there is something wrong. He says no, he just is a bit nervous, he never has been in a spaceship for real. You are a physicist; do you think there would be something wrong with this mission? – Augustus: “are you crazy? Of course, I do believe there will be something wrong- Alycia: how? Augustus: How!? I don’t know, that’s why it would be something wrong!
Alycia: I see. But we know things, and you confirmed, 50% of success is still up? – Augustus: 50% up? Do you think is comfortable, 50%? It’s like play roulette pairs-odds. Yeah, I feel very comfortable! Trying to be sarcastic.
Alycia: I know Augustus, but better than you have 50% or even less, on earth, and then what? What will go to re-build? Augustus looks at Alycia, with lost eyes, and seems he understands.
Alycia: we dedicated all our lives, to this project.
Augustus: this project? Was not Proxima one?
Alycia: I know, but the Trappist hypothesis has been brought ahead in parallel. Isn’t it?
Augustus: Yeah true.
Alycia: So, it’s our mission Augustus.
In that moment a speaker with the voice of Zac: “hey guys, ISS 5 is in sight. Time to land”
The spaceship approaches the ISS 5. It’s a very big station. There is the mothership anchored. Mothership is a monster, 300 mt long, and shows the cluster of ions engines and the retro cluster of nuclear generators. There are alo other electric engines in the cluster. The cluster has behind a sort of donaught, faced. Both are disquieting.

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