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Wagyu Confidential

Wagyu Confidential

Documentary | English | 90 minutes


Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

Cast & Crew


Franck Ribière


Vérane Frédiani


Presented by renowned French gourmet, Franck Ribiere, Wagyu Confidential is light in tone and delicately framed, and is served with a generous portion of warm affection for a fascinating culture and its ongoing food love-affair.

The feature visits contrasting farms, butchers and chefs across different prefectures who share the same passions - for the finest meat, for good food, for close friends and for beautiful Japanese terroir and cuisine.

Interviews with three starred Michelin chefs, movie stars and renowned foodies will shine a light on the legend that is Wagyu, and dispel the innumerable myths around it. It’s time to discover how a country that previously banned the consumption of meat from animals with four legs, has become a true mecca for meat lovers the world over.

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