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War of the Shadows

War of the Shadows

Action/Adventure | Turkish | 121 minutes


High Fidelity



This is a war of the shadows in the pursuit of a mysterious map, showing the place of Ark of the Covenant which kept its secret for centuries and was chased by evil and protected by Seyites from the conquest of Istanbul till today. The lost ark contains two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments and is long lost from BC587. The esoteric organization operating for centuries under the name of the Brotherhood of the Temple wants to capture the map whereas the Devoted representing the Seyites who were descendants of the Prophet Muhammed are in charge of protecting it. This is a breathtaking adventure between the organizations. The confrontation between Theodor from Julius' family of Brotherhood and İlhan from the Devoted, who represent the Seyites, will unearth many hidden facts.

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