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Westmark Effect

Westmark Effect

| English | 90 minutes


Blairwood Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Saara Lamberg


Saara Lamberg



Sally gave her son Sam up for adoption 20 years ago and when they reunite, they fall passionately in love with devastating consequences.

Based in phenomena called genetic sexual attraction, which is universal and usually happens when relatives that have been separated for decades meet each other again. The feelings of

common characteristics, grief of lost years and excitement of meeting a family member after such a long time apart become an emotional roller coaster unlike any other. Sam has never known real family and has been drifting for a while. Sally has always regretted giving her son away, although at the time she saw no other option. In each other, they both find comfort, joy, heart break and support, like they've never experienced before. But can Sally escape her guilty mind?

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