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Armageddon (Yellowstone)

Armageddon (Yellowstone)

Documentary | English, Russian | 48 minutes

Las Entreprise

Odin Media

Cast & Crew


Alexander Yakovlev, Maxim Severny, Nikolay Kirillov, Anton Ilyin


Oksana Barkovskaya


Ilya Grigoryev

La Bande-annonce


Humanity has always been interested in the question of the end of the world. The biblical prophets, Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, Edgar Cayce described when and how the Apocalypse will come. The strongest rains that will flood Europe for months, earthquakes in Japan, global warming - these and many other phenomena were predicted by them.

Of course, science is interested in this issue as well. There are various theories about how nature or man can destroy all life on Earth. This question is investigated in the documentary series "ARMAGEDDON". We introduce 20 doomsday versions (20 x 48') from modern scientists.

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