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Aydede - Road To The Moon

Aydede - Road To The Moon

Alternate Titles: Aydede

Drama | Turkish | 92 minutes

Las Entreprise

Arthood Entertainment GmbH

Cast & Crew


Abdurrahman Öner


Arzu Senses Öner


Abdurrahman Öner


Ezgi Mola, Bilal Zeynel Çelik, Aysenil Samlioglu, Emirhan Ates

La Bande-annonce


Bekir’s beloved grandfather passes away. Bekir, in order for him not to be upset, is told that “his grandfather has gone to the moon and become a moon grandpa”. Bekir starts to dream that he flies to the moon with a bicycle as in the movie Turkish E.T. film ‘Badi’. All he wants is to buy a bicycle and go the moon to see his grandfather again. His mother Rabia and her sister get into a hot dispute over the inheritance. The platonic love she has makes everything harder for Rabia.

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