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Brides of Satan

Brides of Satan

: The Brides, Brides of Chaos, Brides of Mayhem

Action/Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Thriller | English | 82 minutes

Las Entreprise

Joe Bizarro Studios

Cast & Crew


Joe Bizarro


Joe Bizarro, Lance Polland, Noel Maitland


Joe Bizarro, Noel Maitland


Mindy Robinson, Malice McMunn, Joanna Angel, Michael Reed, Rachel Rampage, Anastasia Elfman, Sarah French, Serena Lorien, Olivia Bellafontaine, John Troyer, Damien D Smith, Rick Galiher, Christopher Wonder

La Bande-annonce


In a dystopian city of depravity and crime, an innocent young girl must become a hero, and avenge her fiance’s death at the hands of a merciless gang of satanic strippers.

When a happy young couple in the dawn of love [MARY and CHARLIE] are kidnapped by a gang of thrill seeking sadists [BRIDES of SATAN], a brutal and terrifying evening unfolds, leaving the lone survivor to stand up against the looming forces of darkness and evil.

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