Finding Love in Quarantine

Finding Love in Quarantine

Romantic Comedy | English | 94 minutes

Las Entreprise

Pinnacle Peak Pictures

Cast & Crew


Matt Shapira


Jim Ameduri, Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis, Kelly Knox, Michael Scott, Matt Shapira, David A.R. White, Alysoun Wolfe


Tommy Blaze, Matt Shapira, David A.R. White


David A.R. White, Eva LaRue, Stacey Dash, Tom Arnold, Lee Majors

La Bande-annonce


Life happens very fast. That is until the world is shut down by a viral pandemic. Then there's, Rick Baldwin a lovable single father to 10 year old daughter Gracie. Together they'll have to learn to slow things down, maintain socially distance, and practice a life with new normals. If that wasn't hard enough, Rick loses his job as top sales manager. Through this new reality, and a life altering career shift, Rick is introduced through an online webinar, to a single lady named Amber, whom he finds a blossoming connection to. Even as the world maybe in quarantined, can Rick find love, all the while building an even stronger bond with his precocious daughter.

Année d'achèvement