Guy Manley - A Real Movie!

Guy Manley - A Real Movie!

Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction | English | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

APL Film

Cast & Crew


David Andersson


David Andersson, Baltazar Ploteau


Baltazar Ploteau, Anton Sjolund, Milton Bjornegren, Knut Wistbacka

La Bande-annonce


Guy Manley, formerly the world’s most preeminent secret agent, who, while drowning in his alcohol-filled retirement, is brought back for one last mission by his former boss Buck Cash. His mission? Kill Buck's brother, Rich Cash, keeping him from being elected the city's new mayor, thereby stopping him from becoming the most powerful person in the world! Mayhem, disaster and destruction ensue… will Manley achieve his goal, or get distracted by his favorite bartender?!

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