Insincere Twins

Insincere Twins

Drama, Romance | English | 81 minutes

Las Entreprise

Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Romario Facey


Romario Facey, Alicia Underwood, Imani O, Tobias J Cook

La Bande-annonce


With unexpected expenses coming up and needing money to pay for tuition, Grace switch lives with her wealthy, successful identical twin sister Mercy. Mercy is planning on having one last weekend affair with her secret lover. Drew, Mercy's loving husband never knew of his wife's identical twin. He notices a behavior change in his wife and goes to the extreme to find out the cause. When the unexpected happens, Grace is forced to live a crazy double life. Which life will she choose: Her humdrum life, or her sister's adventurous life being married to a successful business typhoon?

Année d'achèvement