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Kiran Bedi: Yes Madam, Sir

Kiran Bedi: Yes Madam, Sir

Documentary | English, Hindi | 95 minutes

Las Entreprise

Odin's Eye Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Megan Doneman


Helen Mirren, Kiran Bedi

La Bande-annonce


2008 TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION! NARRATED BY OSCAR® WINNER HELEN MIRREN ("THE QUEEN")! Kiran Bedi is an intriguing paradox: deified by millions for her commitment to social justice and her stance against corruption; vilified by the establishment as a publicity seeking megalomaniac. The true drama lies not in Bedi’s extraordinary audacity, but in the inherent contradictions in her character. (Includes Hindi with English Subtitles)

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