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Mister Mayfair

Mister Mayfair

Comedy, Heist | English

Las Entreprise

MSR Media International

Cast & Crew


Philippe Martinez, Alan Latham


Armand Assante, Steven Bauer, Ken Davitian, Nathalie Cox, Soraya Torrens

La Bande-annonce


Max Mayfair is living the ‘good life’. Having left New York City and his past as a gangster, he now runs the most illustrious club in all of London. Guns have been replaced with glamour and bank heists with the blues. That is, until the unexpected arrival of his unknown granddaughter, Barbara. Accompanied by his girlfriend, Ava, and the rest of his London crime family, Max will learn that Mayfair is just as dangerous as Manhattan, only this time he has everything to lose.

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