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Puppy Love for Christmas

Puppy Love for Christmas

Romantic Comedy | English | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

MarVista Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Tori Garrett


Holly Hester


Georgia Flood, Ezekiel Simat

La Bande-annonce


While on a rare visit to see her family at Christmas, do-gooder Annie (Georgia Flood) struggles to relax after years of helping others around the world through her non-profit. Annie’s aunt suggests she help the local animal rescue while she’s in town, and she jumps at the chance—until she learns the rescue center has been forced to close and share space with the local veterinary clinic. Determined to help the animals find homes for the holidays, Annie decides to foster stray dogs and get them all adopted before heading to her next job assignment after Christmas. Annie heads to the clinic to start her mission and runs into her former high school rival, Dylan (Ezekiel Simat). Dylan questions her ability to get all three dogs adopted in less than two weeks. Unwilling to prove Dylan right, Annie throws herself into getting the dogs adopted all on her own. But as the days go by and the dogs still don’t have forever homes, Annie reluctantly accepts Dylan’s help after noticing his special way with people and animals. As Dylan and Annie work together to save the animal rescue and get the dogs adopted, Annie discovers that finding love—and making a difference in the world—can happen right at home.

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