Storm Surfers 3D

Storm Surfers 3D

Action/Adventure, Documentary, Drama | English | 95 minutes

Las Entreprise

Arclight Films

Cast & Crew


Justin McMillan, Chris Nelius


Marcus Gillezeau, Ellenor Cox


Tom Carroll, Ross Clark-Jones, Ben Matson, Toni Collette


Meet two-time world surfing champion Tom Carroll and big wave pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones. Two larger-than-life brothers born out of the 1980s generation of pro-surfing and both in their 40s, they live to ride waves the size of buildings.

Based in Sydney, Australia, they enlist the help of surf-forecasting guru and meteorologist Ben Matson to track the giant oceanic storms that create massive swells. And so begins the race against the clock, taking Tom, Ross and the crew to the most exotic and remote ends of the planet to ride and claim them. This year they are focused on the winter season Down Under, to hunt down as many giant swells as they can in Australia.

The first part of their journey takes them to the bottom of Tasmania where Ross wrestles one of the most deadly waves in the world at Shipsterns Bluff. But when Ben sends the team on a disastrous mission to Western Australia, Tom nearly kills Ross and himself in a misjudged moment – and the cracks begin to show in Tom’s confidence.Over the course of the season, Ross and Tom are forced to come to terms with the fact their bodies don’t always keep up with their minds making snap decisions in the face of danger, as they encounter potentially lethal waves on the south coast, in Sydney and Hawaii, where Tom surfs the infamous Pipeline with 11-time world champion Kelly Slater.

As winter draws to a close, nature embraces Ross and Tom’s dream to surf a maiden big wave break. A fellow big wave surfer on the West Coast reveals a mythical wave seventy-five kilometres out to sea. Named Turtle Dove, this legendary breaker has never been surfed and could possibly hold the biggest, most dangerous wave in Australia.Their final mission of the season becomes the most perilous of their lives. As they uncover the mystery of Turtle Dove, Tom faces a career-ending moment in the worst wipeout of his life. He must now decide whether to push the boundaries of life and luck in this quest to triumph over one of the last remaining unsurfed waves in Australia.

In STORM SURFERS 3D the tone of the journey is light but the stakes are deadly serious. It is a film conceived to stand amongst the great surf films, but also be accessible to an audience outside of surfing, creating an overall inspiring cinematic experience. The stunning visual and emotional journey is intertwined with intimate interviews as each main character shares their story, taking the audience along on their epic adventure.

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