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The Dead Game

The Dead Game

Psycho-Drama | English | 96 minutes

Las Entreprise

Headley International Pictures

La Bande-annonce


THE DEAD GAME is a suspense-driven thriller, a cross between MONSTERS BALL and BODY HEAT.

LOG-LINE: Felon Nick Stevens just out of prison vows to go straight until he meets the woman a man would kill to be with. So he does.

SYNOPSIS: A down-on-his-heels felon just out of prison vows to go straight and stop playing the dead game. But he can only find work in a flower shop where the owner's sexy wife turns up the heat. Despite warnings from his probation officer and old cellmate, he plots with the wife to murder her husband only to find himself set up as the fall guy… by the femme fatale and her real lover -- a cop.

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