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The Great Adventurer Wesley: Bleeding Blue (Season 2)

The Great Adventurer Wesley: Bleeding Blue (Season 2)

Drama, Science-Fiction | Cantonese, Mandarin

Las Entreprise

Mega-Vision Project Workshop Limited

Cast & Crew


Clarence FOK






Shawn YUE, Janice MAN, Raquel XU, Philip NG, Michelle HU


Based on the Chinese adventure-sci-fi classics, The Great Adventurer Wesley series tells the exciting quests of Interpol Special Agent Wesley (Shawn Yue)exploring the unknown and combating mysterious crimes around the globe.

Wesley seeks help from a Blue, Tia Fang (Janice Man) who has extraordinary powers to wake his unconscious lover, Sue Bai (Michelle Hu). Tia Fang’s spaceship crashed on Earth 300 years ago, she then loses contact with her lover Luca (Raymond Wong). In return for her favor, Wesley promises to help her find Luca.

To their surprise, the once righteous Luca is now a wicked man of ambition, he teams up with tycoon Sanchez (Gill Mohinderpaul Singh) to take the Blue Bible from Tia.

As Tia and Wesley join hands to fight against Luca. On the other hand, Tia is well-aware of the huge difference between Wesley and herself, yet she still falls in love with him without hesitation. Wesley is in a difficult situation as he faces lover, Sue who has been through ups and downs with him and at the same time does not want to hurt Tia, who he has special affection for.

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