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The Ultimate Wedding Planner

The Ultimate Wedding Planner

Biography, Documentary, Family | English | 51 minutes

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Cast & Crew


Celia Evans


Celia Evans


Celia Evans


Yoshitaka Nojiri, Gene Simmons, Carmen Electra, Shannon Tweed, Adam Shankman

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A young Japanese man creates a niche in the Asian luxury sector with his over the top wedding planning company it rapidly becomes the largest wedding planning company in the world. Now he tries to expand to the Western markets. He makes the business of weddings an art. Yoshitaka Nojiri is the world's largest wedding planner doing more than 22,000 weddings a year. The 'Ultimate Wedding Planner' documentary follows the biography of Yoshi and the perfectionist methods of his team. The film examines the effects of the tsunami and Japanese nuclear disaster on business and the challenges he faces organizing weddings for celebrities.

Director(s) : Celia EVANS
Writer(s) : Celia EVANS
Cast : Yoshitaka NOJIRI, Gene SIMMONS, Carmen ELECTRA, Shannon TWEED, Adam SHANKMAN

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