Until We Eat Again With Just Gina

Until We Eat Again With Just Gina

No Response | English | 30 minutes

Las Entreprise

Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

Cast & Crew


Toni D'Antonio, Rita Muoio, Millie Carrion, Gina Neely, Fabian Matthews, Mark Schneider


Gina Neely

La Bande-annonce



Gina is all personality and her ability to cook is beyond phenomenal. She’s everyone's sister and friend. A confidante, a mentor, an innovator and an inspiration. You can always count on Gina and to know her is to love her.

It’s a combo cooking-talk show where it’s always a discussion of hot topics, encouraging anecdotes and great meals are what it’s all about.

She welcomes her guests, specifically Millennial, with open arms and a kind heart. She’s enthusiastically ready to cook...and listen. The conversations will, no doubt, be intriguing and inspiring while mixing ingredients with sound advice for this inquisitive yet unsure generation. In each half- hour segment, a Millennial will join Gina with a specific question/concern/issue. As they cook together, Gina will ignite some motivation and imagination while igniting a flame on some fantastic food, further solidifying her concept that conversations and cooking can captivate the community. At the end, Gina and her guest will sit, take a couple of bites, chat and continue to immensely enjoy what they’ve created. The focus of the conversation will turn here, to discuss the food and the delight and pleasure it brings to them both.

All are current, vital topics from around the world that the Millennial are trying to comprehend, get an answer to or just needing to talk about. The show is all about the struggles of the Millennial and the comfort they receive from terrific food, Gina’s genuine interest, thought provoking conversation and sense of humor. Not to mention her mad skills in the kitchen. Until We Eat Again with Just Gina. It’s not just the food that's comforting...it’s Just Gina herself.

American celebrity chef, show host, best- selling author, reality television star, brand ambassador, and restaurateur.

Gina is known for being Sugar & Spice & everything nice, but she is also a “tell it like it is”, contemporary, independent, power house woman. She has always captured us with her warm Southern charm and witty disposition. Along with her being sassy and electric, she has a comforting, nurturing personality. Guests are not afraid to really open up and talk to her about anything. She doesn’t sugar coat things, but her compassion and empathy are unrelenting. She won’t stop the conversation until she feels she’s completed her mission to educate, advise and truly help. Gina uses food to get to your heart but her mouth to get to your soul.

Material Available:

Seven Episodes from Season One, Sizzle, Series Pitch Deck, One Sheet

Current Status:

* Seven (7) Episodes in Post Production

* Financing / Co-Production / Broadcast Deal / Pre-Sales Needed for future Seasons

** Ability to currently shoot now remotely

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