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Romantic Comedy | Spanish | 94 minutes

Las Entreprise

APL Film

Cast & Crew


Diego Lublinsky


Martin Covini, Paula Galinelli Hertzog

La Bande-annonce


Agustina (15) moves to a small town where she meets Pedro (15), a boy who does not attract the girls and has a mind of his own; he will not wear hair gel or change his bike for a motorcycle just to catch their attention. Pedro falls in love with Agustina instantly. He is set on winning her over, no matter how difficult it may prove to be. Agustina, shy and introverted, warns him that she has decided to have no boyfriends but Pedro, who is ready to wait for her, agrees to being just friends. She confesses to Pedro of a slight trauma that prevents her from succumbing to the experience of first love. At school, with the exception of Agustina, everyone seems to be an expert on matters concerning sex, and a lie devised by Alejandro, When the lie comes to light and success becomes failure, Pedro and Agustina must make important decisions that will help them mature and experience their love.

Année d'achèvement