Welcome to Italian America

Welcome to Italian America

No Response | English | 30 minutes

Las Entreprise

Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

Cast & Crew


Toni D'Antonio, Lou Martini, Jr., Samantha Bowen


Cara DiFalco


Welcome to Italian America...
Where we find the foods that we have come to
love here in America and research their
immigrant journey and origins, and how the they
became these renowned favorites all over the
US...but are they all over Italy where we all
thought they originated?
Cuisine always speaks to the culture of a place
...why do these people eat this food, prepared this
way, using these ingredients?
Between 1880 and 1921, approximately 4.2 million
Italians came to America. These immigrants, no
longer separated by region, were put into the
same tenements and neighborhoods, isolated to
themselves and labelled as one group...Italians.
From there, their uniquely regional cuisines
combined; they helped each other locate
ingredients and substitutes, they survived and
This is the story of how the food they brought
with them, became what we know it to be today.
But did it really come from Italy?
Welcome to Italian America.

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