While We Were Here

While We Were Here

Romance | English | 83 minutes

Las Entreprise

Arclight Films

Cast & Crew


Kat Coiro


Lauren Bratman


Kat Coiro


Kate Bosworth, Jamie Blackley, Claire Bloom, Iddo Goldberg


JANE (Kate Bosworth) and her husband LEONARD (Iddo Goldberg) travel to Naples where Leonard is playing viola with the local orchestra -- hoping to reinvigorate their silently disintegrating marriage and escape a personal tragedy that hangs heavily between them. Jane, left alone most days, wanders the streets listening to tapes she made of interviews with her grandmother, seeking inspiration to finish a book based on the old recordings. Facing writer's block, she takes a day trip to stunning Ischia, where she meets CALEB (Jamie Blackley), a young American leading a hermetic life on the island. As the two embark on an unlikely affair, Jane's carefully constructed world begins to crack open.

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