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A City Called Macau

A City Called Macau

Drama, Romance | Mandarin | 127 minutes


Distribution Workshop

Cast & Crew


Shaohong LI


Baihe BAI, Jue HUANG


With a history of 400 years, Macau is a city that has seen tremendous changes. In this city, Mei Xiao-ou meets three men that will change her life forever.

Xiao-ou once gave everything to Lu Jin-tong. But when she realizes that he’ll never quit gambling, she escapes to Macau with their new-born son in search of a new life. Armed with newfound courage and tenaciousness, Xiao-ou becomes a client servicing manager in a casino, taking care of high rollers from Mainland China. On the eve of Macau’s historic handover back to China, Xiao-ou meets Kevin Duan, a hugely successful businessman who gives her a major boost in her career. She hopes that she can count on Kevin as a partner in life and in work, but she never finds the sense of security she needs from him.

Witnessing one gambler after another fall into the trap of addiction, the disillusioned Xiao-ou is all but ready to give up on love. But when sculptor Shi Qilan enters her life, she decides to put her heart on the line once more – only to find herself a pawn in another high-stakes game.

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