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Four Cousins and a Christmas

Four Cousins and a Christmas

Comedy, Drama | English | 90 minutes


MarVista Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Maria Capp


Maria Capp, Raffaela Capp, Elliott Estrada


Robert Davi, Ayla Kell, Raffaela Capp, Lily Gibson, Natasha Capp, Jayson Bernard, Teri Polo, Jared Sandler, Nicholas Turturro



Four cousins—Jennifer (Raffaela Capp), Natalyn (Natasha Capp), Millie (Ayla Kell) and Stephanie (Lily Gibson)—are excited to celebrate Christmas with each other until their estranged grandfather, Carlo (Robert Davi), summons them home for their beloved grandmother’s memorial. The cousins are devastated and reluctant to be around their strict grandfather but decide to make the most of the situation and throw a Christmas celebration their grandmother would have enjoyed. But as the cousins help plan the event, each of their own issues—from relationships to career troubles—threaten to get in the way of their grandmother’s celebration of life. The cousins’ personal problems all come to a head at the memorial, but with a little pizza and wine, the girls remember family comes first and come together to celebrate their grandmother with their grandfather at their side.

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