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Graphic Designs

Graphic Designs

Erotic, Suspense, Thriller | English | 90 minutes


APL Film



When reclusive Franklin cheats on his partner with a mysterious girl he meets on a dating app, it's the catalyst for an all-consuming obsession. After their encounter, she seemingly vanishes from the face of the planet, but an ever-more desperate Franklin is determined to track her down. He enlists the help of his best friend, Brandon, but he too has a secret - he’s involved in a passionate affair with Franklin's girlfriend Candida.

When Candida discovers Franklin's infidelity, she also sets out to find this missing girl, but instead finds herself, in a seedy underworld of online sex-work and sadomasochism. As Franklin's obsession grows, and secrets are revealed, events lead to a terrifying and deadly climax. An erotic thriller for the online generation, Graphic Designs takes you to a dark underworld where technology and sex collide.

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