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Kung Fu Brother

Kung Fu Brother

Action/Adventure, Comedy | English | 92 minutes


TriCoast Worldwide

Cast & Crew


Marcus Aurelius


Bahram Haddadzadeh, Marcy Hamilton, Strath Hamilton


Marcus Aurelius, Steve Montoya, Lonnie Schuyler


James Huang, Ron Hall, Marcus Aurelius, Mike Wilson, Elle Bennett


KUNG FU BROTHER is an ACTION packed, international comedy thriller. Three cops (Nick, Jack and Nathan) and a female-reporter (Karen) come together in the pursuit of a murderer, whose quest is to acquire the Sacred Kuji Denjo Scrolls. At the scene of a murder, LA cops Nick and Jack are introduced to Nathan by Nicks’ father, The Police Captain. Nathan is a cop on loan from the government of Thailand, but soon after the introduction, the Captain is killed and Nathan disappears, so he’s quickly suspected as the murderer. Nick, Jack and Karen begin a pursuit of Nathan all the way back to Thailand. But once in Thailand, our hero’s soon discover that they’re being stalked by the real killer “Samoto”. While being stalked, Nick and Karen begin to rekindle their passion for each other, but all are taken aback when they also discover that Nathan is Nick and Jack’s Brother, from another mother. The legacy of an this ancient civilization known as the Wierding Clan, flavors the backdrop of mysterious settings and exotic vistas that are the setting for amazing hand to hand combat battles, spectacular sword fights, white knuckle car chases, explosive gun fights and good old fashioned action adventure. Shot in 35mm. Directed by Marcus Aurelius.

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