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Legend of the Demon Cat

Legend of the Demon Cat

Alternate Titles: Kukai

Drama, Mystery | Mandarin | 119 minutes


Moonstone Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Chen Kaige


Baku Yumemakura


Shota Sometani, Xuan Huang, Yuqi Zhang, Hao Qin, Hiroshi Abe, Mason Lee, Sandrine Pinna, Luyi Zhang



LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT is set over a thousand years ago during the Tang Dynasty. A Chinese poet and a Japanese monk join forces to investigate a demonic cat who has possessed a general’s wife and wreaked havoc on the imperial court. The investigation takes gruesome and unexpected twists, resulting in the monk and the poet unraveling the mystery behind the death decades earlier of legendary, beautiful concubine Yang Guifei.

For the production Chen Kaige arranged the construction of an entire city as the set with lakes, rivers, palaces, caves, glamorous buildings and parks. The construction took 5 years at the cost of over 200 million US dollars. The city will be housing people and serve as an amusement park after filming is completed. The filming of this epic lasted 150 shooting days over 3 seasons, with thousands of extras, over 15,000 costumes and a crew of hundreds of professionals. Over 1,200 Visual Effects are being designed in Japan, creating the mysterious character of the film – The Demon Cat. A film about Love, Death and Revenge.

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