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The Adventures of Maid Marian

The Adventures of Maid Marian

Action/Adventure | English


Signature Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Bill Thomas


Jeet Thakrar, David Underwood, Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar


Sophie-Louise Craig, Dominic Andersen



Everyone knows the stories of Robin Hood and Maid Marian – robbing from the rich to give to the poor, daring escapes from the evil Sheriff, sword fights and adventures. They eventually culminate in the arrival of King Richard the Lionheart who grants the outlaw a royal pardon. Most of the stories end here. THE ADVENTURES OF MAID MARIAN is the story of what happens next...

Out of the shadows, a legend returns to save her people from the tyranny of the disgraced Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin Hood remains at war and Marian must put her own combat skills to the test, creating a new tale that will be heralded throughout the ages. This is her story. This is the story of Maid Marian.

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