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The Life of Our Lord

The Life of Our Lord

Animation, Faith, Family | English, Korean | 95 minutes



Cast & Crew


Seong Ho Jang


Anfernee Kim


Seong Ho Jang, Rob Edwards


Ben Kingsley



Charles Dickens was a master storyteller whose words have touched the world for many years. Prolific talent such as his comes at a price however, and while Dickens was a loving father, his work often kept him distant from his family. In particular he struggled to connect with his youngest son Walter, a five-year-old dreamer. Inseparable from his best friend Willa the cat, Walter lives in his own imagination and sees the world in a unique way.

One day, Dickens’ reading performance at a London theatre is ruined by Walter’s mischievous behavior. Dickens pleads to his son to try and enjoy the reading but Walter is not interested. Walter being completely obsessed with King Arthur, Catherine urges Dickens to tell his son the story of the true king.

He will create a story not for the world but just for his family - especially Walter. He will tell the story that means everything to him: the story of Jesus Christ, the greatest story ever told.

Settling down by the fire, Charles describes to Walter the world of long ago. As the great storyteller tells him of the birth of Christ, Walter’s imagination is ignited. He sees the old stable, the visit from the angel, the three wise men and the shepherds. He is shocked by the tyranny of King Herod as he searches for the newborn King at all costs. He is thrilled by the daring escape that sends Mary and Joseph into hiding to keep Jesus safe.

With Charles Dickens’ words in his ears and his imagination running wild, Walter feels a deep connection with this story and truly feels he is able to experience what it was like in Christ’s time. From his humble beginnings to forming his band of faithful disciples, to performing miracles, Walter vividly sees and feels all that is happening. As the story unfolds, Charles and Walter’s relationship begins to deepen.

Watching the events unfold, Walter feels the pain of Christ’s persecution, crucifixion and ultimately to his resurrection. Charles guides his son through his sadness and helps him to understand that the story had to end this way. As Jesus is resurrected to bring his light into the world, the bond between father and son is made solid. Charles and Walter at last find the connection they were seeking. Through the power of story, father and son form a bond of love that will last their lifetime.

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