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The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

Alternate Titles: Snezhnaya Koroleva

Animation, Family | English, Russian | 80 minutes


Wizart Film

Cast & Crew


Maxim Sveshnikov, Vlad Barbe


Yuri Moskvin, Sergey Rapoport, Alexander Ligay


Vadim Sveshnikov, Vlad Barbe


Jessica Straus, Cindy Robinson, Doug Erholz



Wishing to create a new world – where rationality replaces emotions and the polar wind cools human souls, the Snow Queen has blanketed the world in ice and set out to destroy all art and joy on Earth. The last threat to the Snow Queen comes from the master glass-maker Vegard, whose mirrors reflect not only appearances but also souls. One day the polar wind takes away Vegard and his wife Una, but they manage to hide their children Kai and Gerda. Time passes, and the Snow Queen’s servant finds Gerda’s brother Kai, whom he believes to be Vegard’s successor. When Kai is abducted to the Snow Queen’s palace, Gerda ventures on a journey across the icy wonderland, facing difficult obstacles and finding new friends on her quest to set Kai free, defeat the Snow Queen and warm the hearts of people across the world.

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