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Time of Memory

Time of Memory

Fantasy, Romance | Korean | 96 minutes


K-Movie Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Kyu-sung Hwang


Sung-yeol Lee, Yoo-bin Bae


A fantasy romance between a man who remembers every single thing and a woman whose memory resets every 30 days.

Woo-jin(LEE Sung-yeol) is Korea's top star - every item he wears and uses are always a hot potato and gets sold out overnight. He is especially famous for remembering all his fan names. He seems to be just perfect, but there is one big secret that nobody knows - he cannot forget but only remember things. Woo-jin is forced to relive painful moments over and over again, feeling the same amount of anguish each time. One day, Woo-jin encounters a woman named Hae-soo(Binnie), who suffers from the opposite pain from him: her memory resets every 30 days.

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