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When Brooklyn Met Seville

When Brooklyn Met Seville

Alternate Titles: Sevillanas de Brooklyn

Romantic Comedy | Spanish | 98 minutes



Cast & Crew


Vicente Villanueva


Nacho La Casa


Juan Apolo, Nacho La Casa


Carolina Yuste, Sergio Momo, Manolo Solo, Estefania de los Santos, Canco Rodriguez, Adelfa Calvo


Ana is a young girl from Seville, who’s sick of her family and the problematic neighborhood they live in. But things are about to get even worse when her mother, in a desperate attempt not to get evicted, comes up with a cunning plan... To fool an agency that specializes in finding accommodation for foreign exchange students into letting her be a host mom to Ariel Brooklyn, an Afro-American student from a wealthy family. The problem is that, instead of the luxury accommodation he was promised, Ariel finds himself in a tiny, working-class apartment.

Despite their obvious differences and the absurd situations they find themselves in as a result of the scam, Ana and Ariel are forced to live under the same roof, and when at such close quarters, who knows what might happen!

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