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Zephyr Entertainment

Zephyr Entertainment

1812 W Burbank Blvd #7190
Burbank, CA 91506
United States

Phone: (732) 770-7900

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President | CEO | Co-Founder
Mike Smith

COO | VP of Production | Co-Founder
Marc Rosenzweig

Director | Writer I Producer
Kevin Ramlal

Creative Director | Writer | Producer
Jason David

Director | Writer I Producer | Composer
Haven Johnson

Director | Writer | Producer
James Goldberg

Production Profile

Zephyr Entertainment is an award-winning LA-based full-service production company. We are a collective of filmmakers that excels at bringing a polished aesthetic and mass market ambition to high-concept, low-budget horror films. Our inspiration is the genre revolution of the 1970s, when a new generation of artists merged the artistic freedom of independent exploitation films with the mainstream appeal of the horror genre to launch themselves to the apex of Hollywood entertainment. We see a similar moment happening right now, and we have the ingenuity and skill set to bring our specific vision to a wide, dedicated audience with our current slate of 1-3 million dollar horror features.

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Psycho-Drama, Science-Fiction, Supernatural Thriller, Suspense, Thriller, True Story, Western

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The House on the Hill

Horror, Psycho-Drama, Supernatural Thriller | English | 2021

Zephyr Entertainment

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The Cold

Horror, Suspense, Thriller, True Story | English | 2022

Zephyr Entertainment

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Horror, Psycho-Drama, Supernatural Thriller, Thriller | English | 2021

Zephyr Entertainment

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