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10 Lives

AFM 2024 Screening Schedule

AMC Santa Monica 4
10月. 31 - 11:30 午前

10 Lives

Animation, Family | English | 90 minutes


GFM Animation



Chris Jenkins


Penney Finkleman, GFM Animation


Chris Jenkins


Zayn Malik, Simone Ashley, Bill Nighy


Beckett is a pampered and selfish cat who totally takes for granted the lucky hand he has been dealt. All that is about to change, however, when he carelessly loses his ninth life.

With no lives left and faced with the inevitable, Beckett pleads for things to be back to how they were. At first his request is refused but in a moment of exceptional empathy, the 'Gatekeeper' has a change of heart and allows him to return to earth with a whole new set of lives.

What he doesn't realise immediately however is that each of these new lives will see him return in a variety of different forms...each one teaching him a valuable & timely lesson.

It is a journey that sees Beckett turn from gloriously self-absorbed pet to a self-sacrificing hero; because sometimes you must travel many different roads to find the very best version of yourself.

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