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Family Lot

Family Lot

No Response | English | 30 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC



Toni D'Antonio, Bob Nastasi, Jeff Wurtz, Wayne Leone



When a charismatic, retired patriarch tries his hand at a new career, trusts his wife with the books, hires his family and hits the road in a conversion van traveling every weekend from car lot to car lot across more than 10 states, rescuing dealerships from their unprofitable surplus inventory, the chaos that ensues is both hilarious and touching.

Meet Tony “THE PRICE CRUSHER” and his family. He is the captivating, over-the-top, hard to keep corralled, crazy owner of this family auto liquidation business. He works alongside his feisty, loud and bossy daughter Toni, his volatile, trash-mouth “brouson” (brother/cousin/son) Jim, and the newest addition to the team…a slacker, unfocused, unknowledgeable nephew named Zack and his overworked and overanxious son-in-law John. Follow them as they travel to a different auto venue every weekend in the hopes of helping car dealers sell off their pre-owned inventory. And don’t forget the home based, frugal and very opinionated bookkeeper and wife Marge, who is heard and not seen…well, most of the time.

In a downward economy that hasn’t seen such low sales, overstocked car lots, unemployment, bad credit, repossessions and delinquent buyers in decades, “THE PRICE CRUSHER“ and his family certainly have their work cut out for them.

Armed with only their conversion van furnished with a fridge, microwave, crock pot, electric skillet, coffee maker, registration tent, PA system, wire fence, posters and signs, orange cones, the yellow and white “Price Crusher” pens, their wits and loads of personality, this high strung, excitable, often quick-tempered FAMILY LOT, will make an auto event an experience to remember.

In the vein of Suckers and The Goods, this nutty family will make you laugh and cry while they fight with car dealers to teach them the ropes on how to sell, sell, sell and turn their failing dealerships around. Their adventures promise to deliver the laughter, the ridiculous, the poignant and a bit of insanity.

A new kind of "family" reality show where the ride is never as smooth as the drive.

Material Available:

Pilot, Sizzle, Bible, One Sheet

Current Status:

* Financing / Co-Production / Broadcast Deal / Pre-Sales Needed for Series

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