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Little Big Women

Little Big Women

Drama | Mandarin | 123 minutes


Distribution Workshop



Joseph Chen-Chieh HSU


Shu Fang CHEN, Ying-Xuan HSIEH, Vivian HSU, Ke-Fang SUN


On Shoying’s 70th birthday, she receives the shocking news of her long-lost husband, Bochang’s death. What’s worse, there is another woman, TSAI, who stayed by Bochang till his last breath. A merry reunion now turns into a ten-day wake, an unfortunately perfect time for the family to face their complicated mother-daughter relationships.

Ching, the oldest of the three daughters, has learned to downplay everything in her life to deal with an intrusive mother as Shoying. Yu, the perfect middle child, finds herself at odds with Shoying regarding her teenage daughter. Jia Jia, the youngest, fights Shoying to fulfill her father’s dying wish to come home. The three daughters remind Shoying of Bochang in different ways. She goes on the quest to find out who TSAI is. Will Shoying get the closure she has longed for all her life?

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