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Supernatural Thriller | | 85 minutes


APL Film



A troubled teenage girl, STACY COOPER awakens after disturbing dreams, involving two girls and her adoring GRANDMA BETTY who lives with her family. After receiving a flirty text from MATT; a guy she’s been dating, Stacy hurries out the door for her therapy session. Her psychologist, DR. MALEK advises her to start writing down her thoughts to release her anxiety. Seeking normality, Stacy invites her friends over to her house, EMMA and JESS, who convince her to access a spirit board app. Spooky events occur, and the girls leave just as Matt arrives at her house; they drunkenly kiss. Whilst Stacy’s intoxicated, Matt proceeds to take sleazy photos with his friends, later sending Stacy into a downward spiral. Unknowingly, the app starts to consume her. Begging her friends to help her, she convinces them to once more play the Shall We Play? game, awakening the spirits of sisters who died years ago. Stacy falls backwards in a possessed state and violently loses control. She awakens inside a psychiatric hospital with no recollection of what happened. Continuing her treatment with Dr. Malek, he clearly notices she isn’t fully healed and requests a meeting with her parents advising them she’s needed to stay longer for further tests. During a visit at the hospital, Emma is pushed to tell her that Jess has started to date Matt. Stacy steals Emma’s phone and accesses the app once more but this time, she visits Matt and Jess, seeking revenge. Whilst at home, Paula is drawn to the app on her sister’s phone. She opens up the app, which automatically sends to all of Stacy’s contacts, including Jess. The twin girls appear in front of her with Stacy, by their side.

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