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9 Sevillas

9 Sevillas

Alternate Titles: Nueve Sevillas

Documentary, Musical | Spanish | 227 minutes

보병 중대


캐스트 & 크루


Pedro G. Romero, Gonzalo García Pelayo


Roberto Butragueno


Israel Galvan, Rocio Marquez, El Nino de Elche, Rocio Molina, Silvia Perez, Rosalia



NUEVE SEVILLAS (NINE SEVILLES) is an immersion in a unique culture in a unique city—the music, dance and gitano culture of Seville, Spain today. NUEVE SEVILLAS is discursive, loose, beautiful, and remarkable, like the music itself. Nine people, nine characters of the city, nine literal walks through Seville, and a sweet trip into the flamenco art and dance world with which it is so closely linked. With the presence of a new generation of artists, the city and the flamenco are lending affection, conversations, and gestures to each other, which we share over the film’s relaxed running time. NUEVE SEVILLAS portrays one unique city and nine people closely: dancer Javiera de la Fuente, poet David Pielfort, lawyer and feminist Pastora Filigrana, flamenco dancer Bobote, the Roma singer and Hungarian dancer Janek, actress Rocio Montero, African and English dancer Yinka Esi Graves, bullfighter Vanessa Montoya, and NUEVE SEVILLAS director Gonzalez Garcia Pelayo, perfect accomplices for this film in its rare mix of radicalism in form and rootedness to the city. Sponsored by Karen Kusiak

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