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A Prodigal Feast

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AMC Santa Monica 3
11월. 3 - 3:00 오후

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A Prodigal Feast

Black Comedy | English | 102 minutes

보병 중대

BrightKnight Entertainment LLC

캐스트 & 크루


Guile Branco


Lou D'Amato, Sabrina Percario, Guile Branco, Steven Newton


Guile Branco


Lynn Lowry, Pancho Moler, Guile Branco, Julia Coulter, Lou D'Amato, Nika Khitrova, Asia Lynn Pitts, James Griggs, Raja Deka, Della Maylan, Dustin Gene, Mary Bremier, Jackson Leighton



As Angela, a former dancer, descends into madness, her family tries to cope the best they can. After an infamous dinner where a certain "finger" incident occurs, their lives collectively spiral to new levels of chaos, including, but not limited to, a sadomasochistic power dynamic, a cozy coffin and a bloody endeavor where a dinosaur may or not be present. All of the skeletons will come out at a Halloween night feast.

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