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Aliens & Dragons

Aliens & Dragons

Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Science-Fiction | English | 85 minutes

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Fusion Factory Films

캐스트 & 크루


Mark Grove


Matthew Feula, David Marchiori



Captain Kane Maddox and his trusted first mate R'ok voyage into the farthest regions of space in an effort to escape the clutches of an intergalactic villain and his deadly crew of mercenaries. Forced to land on an uncharted planet, Kane and R'ok are drawn to a mysterious cave where they discover a secret that leads them to join a skilled archer and a young knight on their quest to destroy an ancient evil that threatens to unleash its power throughout time and space.

From the mind of writer/director Mark Steven Grove (Star Raiders, Gathering of Heroes, The Black Hole) this film combines the science fiction and fantasy genres where two worlds collide in this epic tale that pits Science against Sorcery on an adventure unlike any other!

Aliens & Dragons is in post production and will be completed third quarter of 2021.

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