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Chieri and Cherry

Chieri and Cherry

Animation, Childrens | Japanese | 54 minutes

보병 중대

GAGA Corporation

캐스트 & 크루


Makoto Nakamura


Masashi Ono, Suguru Iwasaki, Iriya Azuma, Koji Hyakutake


Michiru Shimada, Makoto Nakamura


Natsumi Takamori, Gen Hoshino



Chieri is a 6th grade elementary school girl. Her father died when she was little, so she lives with just her mother. The only friend of Chieri had been a stuffed doll Cherry which she found on a storehouse at the time of her father's funeral. In Chieri's world of fantasy, Cherry had talked and played with, and adviced and protected her in place of her father. Chieri visits her grandmother’s house for a first time in a while to attend her father's remembrance ceremony. There, she finds a stray dog being about to give birth to puppies. But a crow and strange monster come trying to get the pups. Can Chieri and Cherry save their lives?

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