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Dance With Me

Dance With Me

Alternate Titles: Танцуй со мной

Romance | Russian | 96 minutes

보병 중대

California Pictures

캐스트 & 크루


Mikhail Shevchuk


Margo Krzhizhevskaya, Alex Momchev, Aleksandr Zhigun


Mikhail Shevchuk


Nonna Grishaeva, Lukerya Ilyashenko, Anar Khalilov, Anastasiya Novikova, Luca Sabbioni



Katya, a young classically trained Russian ballet dancer, lands an audition for a film with a famous director. Cast as the film about the director's youth, she begins to fall for her male counterpart, Nikita. The two play roles that enter into a world of back-alley dance competitions. As the filming continues, the director begins to develop feelings for Katya, and as he enters into disputes with Nikita, she must ultimately decide what is more important to her: her career or her love for Nikita. Using the convention of the love triangle, Dance With Me weaves an endearing tale about contemporary Russia showing the tension between family loyalty and personal desire, preserving tradition and accepting cultural change.

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