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Danger Island

Danger Island

Animation | English | 95 minutes

보병 중대

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

캐스트 & 크루


Sofia Savenko, Johanna Okas


Tati Gabrielle, Richard Ayoade



16 year-old climate activist, Hanna, works tirelessly to raise climate awareness and fight against global warming, but the last person listening to her warnings is her own consumerist father, Tim. Yearning to be understood, Hanna runs away from home to the far-flung island home of her idol, eccentric weather scientist, Dr Kaos. But the meeting of these two like-minded thinkers takes a deadly turn when Hanna realises Kaos’ dark plan for ending the world crisis once and for all.

A suspense-filled, big-action adventure with a powerful message at its core: can the family put their differences aside in order to save the world from Dr. Kaos, and his cataclysmic storm of Armageddon?

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